From our Clients:

Enabled me to develop my vision.

I greatly enjoyed the leadership coaching. You have a great approach and fantastic ability to get to the heart of the matter and bring out crucial elements of leadership and of success in life in general. Your natural style allowed me see what I already knew existed inside in a crystal clear and concise manner. You showed me ways to dig into my core values and strengths that enabled me to develop my vision for the future of our program and my life. It felt very natural to jump in with both feet and I thoroughly enjoyed the time.

-Frank Scholl, M.D. Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

From the Research:

Personal benefits from coaching include improved relationships with direct reports and peers, better teamwork, and increased job satisfaction.

-McGovern, J., Lindemann, M, Vergara, M., Murphy, S., Barker, L., & Warrenfeltz, R.. (2001). Maximizing the impact of executive coaching: Behavioral change, organizational outcomes, and return on investment. The Manchester Review, 6(1), 1-9.

Physician Leadership Coaching

Physicians are capable leaders but sometimes lack the training or exposure to key leadership skills. They are often asked to step into leadership roles. The transition from practice management to organizational leadership is sometimes difficult and challenging. Legacy Alliance has years of experience in working with physician leaders and helping them achieve their leadership potential. Legacy coaches help integrate physician practices into health systems. Our proven processes result in improved communication, strengthened relationships, clearer roles and responsibilities, decreased conflict, and create engaged and committed stakeholders.

Benefits of Legacy's Physician Leadership Development Approaches:

  • Maximized leadership strengths and style critical to success
  • Expanded awareness of leadership derailing behaviors and blind spots
  • Strong team players and contributing team leaders
  • Effective communicators
  • Persuasive collaborators
  • Effective integrators within existing systems and structures
  • Integrators of physician practices into the health system to address cultural clashes and effectively resolve conflict
  • Lead from a clear and compelling vision
  • Maximize critical relationships with key stakeholders
  • Generate sustained support for key initiatives
  • Safe, confidential environment
  • Increased accountability
  • Goal focused
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities


  • Physicians who want to better themselves and become effective leaders.
  • Physician practices that experience difficulty or conflict within their groups.
  • Physician practice groups integrating into a hospital or health system.
  • Physicians who provide leadership for a department or service line.
  • Physicians in a leadership role that have received little formal leadership training.
  • Physician executives who want to elevate their leadership.
  • Physicians who are experiencing conflict or resistance to their leadership.

Legacy Alliance also provides:


In order to establish respect and trust with others, the executive must clearly understand the new environment and culture in which he or she is working, build key relationships, communicate a clear and compelling vision, and know how to align others around their vision.


Women face nearly all of the issues that men face in a leadership role, however, they often experience these challenges in a different way.