Some of our Clients

Endorsements and Client Comments

Working with a Legacy Alliance coach was an eye-opening experience. I received honest feedback about career hindering behaviors--feedback that others were not able to see or perhaps detect. I valued the honest feedback, collaborative and confidential relationship, and external perspectives of my coach. Receiving detailed, focused feedback as an executive is rare; my coach became an invaluable resource in that capacity.
-Jeff Singer, CEO, NASDAQ Dubai

"I was in a meeting today with the Executive Team of the Australian firm . The question was asked to name a person internal and one external to the firm that "has changed your capacity to act". You were my external example. Thinking back - I know I would not be down here without the executive coaching you provided me so many years ago. I am leading 80 partners and 900 people. Honestly never imagined this is where I would have ended up. I am more challenged and happier than I have been in my career in years. So many thanks for getting me started down this path."

-Cindy Hook, Senior Partner, Deloitte Australia

"Legacy Alliance has created a dynamic and leading edge approach to Leadership Development. They provide a terrific opportunity in representing my theories and frameworks in an applied and dynamic environment. If you are serious about expanding the leadership capability in individuals, teams or throughout the organization, Legacy Alliance is a solid choice to deliver the results you seek."

-Warren Bennis, Professor, Author, Leader

"Working with Legacy Alliance provided me with the tools necessary to understand how I could better work with my peers and affect change within my peer group. Additionally, the knowledge and benefit of having a resource available to openly discuss issues, problems and successes when I needed support allowed me to continue focusing on the positive aspects of the work environment without negatively impacting the team dynamics."

-Matt Hartzler, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning, Longmont United Hospital

"I have partnered with Legacy Alliance both personally and professionally over the past ten years, and have found the ROI to be significant. Specifically, having a confidential resource at my disposal has helped me work through tough leadership issues over the years. I have an open and candid relationship with my Legacy coach, where both parties are engaged and committed to the process of a meaningful coaching relationship. Recently, the Board Chair commented on noticeable growth of two key VP's and I, as the CEO, was able to attribute the results to our investment in coaching. It is truly "priceless". Executive coaching from an individual and team perspective is a leadership development investment that pays dividends."

-Lee Kirk, CEO, Culpeper Regional Hospital

"I greatly enjoyed the leadership coaching. You have a great approach and fantastic ability to get to the heart of the matter and bring out crucial elements of leadership and of success in life in general. Your natural style allowed me see what I already knew existed inside in a crystal clear and concise manner. You showed me ways to dig into my core values and strengths that enabled me to develop my vision for the future of our program and my life. It felt very natural to jump in with both feet and I thoroughly enjoyed the time."

-Frank Scholl, M.D., Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

"Excellent facilitation, in depth content and perfect presentation. Highly satisfied."

-Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Partner

"This was one of the better programs I have taken. The facilitator was very enthusiastic, but also very good at delivering the information. This was very different than I expected and very exciting."

-Pricewaterhouse Coopers Senior Director

"Delivery was good. Shared good examples to drive home points."

-Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Partner

"Legacy coaches are able to help leaders to improve communication and trust among their teams, while surfacing complex issues that are in the way of achieving a shared vision. These skilled coaches remind us all that the competition is supposed to be on the outside of the organization and not the inside."

-Jim Nathan, CEO, Lee Memorial Health System

"The majestic views of the Colorado Rockies, wonderful guidance of my Legacy coaches and being a willing participant to an internal assessment coalesced to transform me into a much stronger person both professionally and personally. My personal values have become much more transparent to me. I was encouraged to reaffirm certain personal characteristics and challenged to evaluate changing others. My decision making capabilities have been augmented by becoming much more collaborative and thus limiting certain blind spots. The relationship that I established with my coaches has been very rewarding and one that is lasting."

-David Alexander, Director of Finance, Memorial Health System

"Legacy Alliance provided valuable insight into my own management style and tendencies which have made me a much more enlightened and effective leader of my organization. The collaborative style and expertise of my Legacy coaches was refreshing and a tremendous experience to work with them both. I would recommend Legacy Alliance to anyone interested in enhancing their leadership potential and ultimately organizational results."

-Greg DeRosa, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, Cherry Hills Country Club